Card Survival: Tropical Island – How to Survive as a Tourist

I have survived as tourist and I can give you some tips.

Tips to Survive as a Tourist

Pin bug bites and keep an eye on it while exploring, go inside the plane if it gets too high, if it gets to around 20-25% you get the itches… message which means you got camp fever. this should let you preserve the antibiotics for…

Yeah, weak immune system sucks. when you get sick, use the antibiotics or spider lily to get rid of the bacteria before it becomes a huge problem.

Bug bites cause cholera, but it shouldnt be an issue if you do the steps above. also, dont build a water reservoir in the wetlands since that causes the bug population to overflow and cause bugs inside your plane.

You got too filthy. being too dirty gives you fever bacteria and if it gets even higher you get parasites. remember to wash yourself(unsafe water works). being wet can help cool you down which means you dont lose hydration from being too hot.

Bacterial fever from wetness isnt a huge problem, just drink some spider lily tea or take antibiotics when your fever bar is going up. I still think its worth going outside and exploring in the rain and getting wet to reduce temperature.

Fire outside, too hot inside. you dont need to stay outside while boiling water or cooking. dont stay outside during the night to get light from it. Getting bug bites by staying outside to get light during the night isnt worth it in my opinion. i most often stay in the plane and train spearfighting in the dark.

Keep fires outside of your house, dont worry about getting soaked and remember to take your medicine.

Hope this helps you survive!

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