Slayers X – Weapon Tips

Heres some strats for weapons.

Tips to Weapons

Get in close. Dont be scared just run right up and get in their business. Most non-exploding weapons have advantages of being close. Especially when fighting hackblood infused enemies (jezta enemies, poo enemies, waregunnas) because hackblood = armor but its also ammo for the s-blade & talismen.


Use this when your around lots of poo enemies or jeztas and have full hackblood. U can keep it charged constantly if you keep attacking them & dropping there hackblood. It can be v powerful that way if u know how to do it. If u use this weapon far away it feels weak because u run out of hackblood quick – but use it up close and your unstoppable.


They are accurate so they can basically be sniper rifles if u need to pick something off from far away. Good for blowing up springjacker bombs when they drop them. Also use pistols to break glass if your s-blade is charged to not waste a charge.

Glass blasta

It can 1-hit kill most smaller enemies if your right up in there face. Also dont forget to look for windows. Sometimes ceiling panels have glass too… And all beer bottles are glass ammo.

Sludge launcher

This might be the most op weapon…. U can shoot 4 or 5 of these near a group of waregunnas and let the rats kill them. Without wasting more ammo. Dont underestimate the rats…. The damage can add up quick. But the rats will not attack flying enemies like jeztas.

Rapid mutilator

Get up close and shoot. Not only does it do 1.5x damage up close but it also wont use ammo. Tho you do need ammo to shoot it, as long as u have over 1 ammo it doesnt take down your ammo to shoot it. Also u can use it to glide if you point down. Best to point straight down instead of at a angle if u want height.

Triple helix missile launcher

P easy to get a handle on. For rocket jumping use the sludge launcher instead after learning the timing- u take less damage that way.

Hackblood talismen

This one is similar to the s-blade… Get in close. U can become a god & almost never stop flying in some parts if u make sure to get to the hackblood dropping from the enemies before it disappears. The hackblood trees also help.

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