Card Survival: Tropical Island – Tips and Tricks That You Didn’t Figure Out

Here you can find some tips and tricks for the Card Survival: Tropical Island game.

Useful Tips and Tricks

  • If you drill into a coconut for the water, and then leave it to rot, it’ll stay as a “Rotten Coconut” permanently. While it stinks, it’s an entirely stable method of keeping rotten remains on hand for the things that benefit from it, like traps and some farm plots. Cracking a rotten coconut for the 2 shells and 2 rotten remains is a free action, too.
  • While shrimp are so small they’re basically never worth cooking and eating, they’re as good for making bird feed as rice is. Any time you need to feed your birds, spend some time at the Rocks or the Bird Rock scouring the tide pools.

Note: Prawns take 0 time to eat and provide 7 satiation so they are pretty nice as a light snack. You can also easily get bugs from a dry puddle or wetland caves to make bird feed.

  • Bugs are very reliable as bait for deadfall/snare.
  • You can drag an axe on a forested area like the jungle to gather wood & sticks. Also, shovel on places like grassland for dirt.
  • You can store clay jars containing liquids in the kiln, no monkeys.
  • When it comes to entertainment, each zone’s sea is its own experience. If you’re really bored, wander along the coast, swimming in each zone. If you do that and build a sandcastle on the beach at one end and the desolate beach at the other, you’ll pretty much max out entertainment and get a lot of swimming practice. It’ll burn a lot of daylight though.

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