Brotato – Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

  • The first two shops you are always guaranteed two weapons in the shop and resets are very cheep this early, so it is a great opportunity to gather a lot of your chosen weapon early.
  • Don’t try to have too many different weapons simultaniously, it makes it very hard to upgrade your weapons to tier 4. It is perfectly fine to have 6 of the same weapon.
  • Try to invest into Harvesting and Luck early on since Harvesting increases exponentially after each wave and Luck increases your chance of getting better items in the shop.
  • Make sure to build up at least one way of healing yourself reliably as you go to the higher levels.
  • Resets feel expensive but they are worth it if you can find items that fit your build better.
  • Harvesting is best taken early, the earlier you have it the more it can proc, if it’s round 15+ there’s very little reason to take it.

Try to have a limited amount of weapon varieties, a limited style of damage mitigation (dodge, armor, life Regen) a lot of life and a lot of attack speed and significant (general) damage% and movement speed, the last 4 are handy pretty much no matter the character. Almost all items in the shop are net positive, but some of the red (tier 4) items have significant drawbacks.

If you aren’t doing a significant amount of damage to a boss/elite, don’t tango with it, get as far away as possible and just let the timer tick down.

Each brotato is different, some are ridiculously easy, others are terrible difficult, but they all face the same enemies. If you aren’t finding success on one character, move to the next one, get used to the waves and enemy patterns, then go back and try the difficult character again.

If you’re having an easy time of it, take +% enemies, if you’re barely surviving take -% enemies.

Some enemies spawn other enemies on death, anything that spawns can be prevented from spawning by standing on the red x (I might be wrong about this with elites and hatched enemies, but most enemies can be prevented from spawning).

If you don’t pick up the experience it feels vacuumed into your bag, the bag will apply an x2 multiplier to the experience dropped on the next round until it runs out, it’s dolled out by the enemy death/experience drop time, not in the order you pick it up, so the first few kills/pickups of a round are more valuable than the later kills.

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