The Leviathan’s Fantasy – Beginners Tips

Hopefully these tips will help you.

Tips for New Players

  • The WASD movement too slow? go into settings > operation and MAX the “perspective shift” slider (makes it a little better).
  • Pause key not working? ESC works for now if you need to step away.
  • On a new game, blitz thru tutorial to place the adventurer dorm asap – that’s how you get to settle the heroes you picked at game start.
  • When you upgrade yer adventurer dorm, quickly click back into it and click “add a resident” to move the heroes back in (they get expelled for some reason).
  • When you upgrade a building, all enhancements are lost – don’t add any early.
  • Click the Role button (lower left) and then the Heart icon on yer settled heroes. This “pins” them to the lower left for easy access / status (can click).
  • You won’t start seeing scrolls in your trading house until you start killing by the 2nd lighthouse (to the N).
  • You can cancel a Bounty by navigating to Bounty > Task, finding the Task and clicking Modify > Cancel (the “kill boss” bounty seemed to be open for a long time, so i canceled it in this way to free-up those heroes).
  • You must Bounty > Occupy the next lighthouse to clear the darkness/fog of war. Even after clearing the fog of war with Bounty > Explore, upon next game load, the fog will be back. You must Occupy lighthouses to keep the island “lit”.
  • When producing goods, the KEEP button sets the minimum amount you keep in storage (the building will constantly make that good if the keep amount is too low). Combined with auto-stocking a good in a “seller”, this is how you automate your economy.
  • What to research early/first in Tech? Pergola-Workshop-[Plank, Stone Materials and Iron Ingots] — you need to constantly make these 3 in yer workshop to do anything.
  • What else to research in Tech? Farm-Kitchen-Noodle Stall-Sticky Rice (gives another source of income and seems to increase POPularity, which is very important).
  • Send visiting heroes on Bounties to increase their Satisfaction (this is how they petition to settle).
  • The Farm, lumber mill, flame of civ, etc can only be placed on the ISLAND (thru portal / “ToIsland” button in lower right) – and strong enemies will attack them. You need to research arrow towers for defense and garrison heroes to protect. First wave of enemies I saw was level 21 – they wiped my farm and 3 arrow towers out (I had no heroes on garrison)
  • Tourists are named “TUR” in English.
  • Buy 40 slime jelly from your trading house and sell to the merchant (ORDERS tab) for big profit. Can do it each time the airship arrives. (if you see it for a low price like -20%, buy 100 to stock up).
  • The gold coin icon is different on your top resource bar than everywhere else. It’s gold.
  • Achievements give you more “new game starting points”.
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