Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft – Only Play for Sport! Achievement Tips

Tips to Obtain Only Play for Sport! Achievement (TR 1)


Only Play for Sport!

  • Finish game in less than 5 hours


  • Make sure you save often so you can reload a save if your messing up a lot and not waste time.
  • You can pause the game with “photo mode” inventory doesn’t pause the timer.
  • Try not to kill everything and go out of your way to find secret areas, do this in another play through.
  • Practice the levels and take notes of your time.s So you have a schedule.

  • Learn how to solve each level, so you don’t need to explore randomly.
  • Try to think about how to reduce the distance you run
  • Ignore enemies that can be ignored. Crocodiles for example can easiliy be ignored.
  • When you need to kill enemies, try to kill them fast.
  • Pickups or secrets that are (almost) “on you path” can be taken with only little time penalty.

Also you can use the videoguide below. You don’t need to do the buffer stuff.

Just make sure and save after you get out the water.

Also be aware you wont have any weapons to fight the dude after this bit. So you might need to zoom past him and either zoom to end of level with no weps or weapon cheat or head for the shotgun.

Just make sure you had ammo in the shotgun before it got stolen.

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