Balatro – How to Win

Basic Tips to Win

Here’s your tip: Flushes are strong early, go for those to get the ball rolling.

Pairs are strong late game, build your joker composition to work with pairs. The only hands that pair jokers don’t work with are high card, straights and flushes – every other hand type gets buffed by jokers that give bonuses to pairs.

Focus on getting Jokers with that RED X1.5 multiplier. That’s when the points really roll in.

One fun strategy is to use the Vagabond Joker to be poor, and use the Tarot cards to buff your deck (to encourage Flush plays, for example).

So try to get in the first ante a joker that can carry you for some time (like the ice cream, pop corn etc.) to help build some economy. Get the playing cards and tarot boosters. Don’t trust too much planets boosters. Don’t rely only on the jokers.

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