Big Ambitions – Delivery Contracts Guide

When you select a business in BizMan, there is a section called Deliveries with a heading “Delivery Contracts”. What is this for? Read below.

Guide to Delivery Contracts

How It Works

You can setup a contract with local delivery from like NY distro INC where they deliver daily to your store. But it’s inflated costs, I wouldn’t recommend.

If you’ve got a large operation that small 20 box contract likely won’t make up for a warehouse and some vans or trucks. It’s good for smallish stores that don’t move much merchandise, but if you sell a lot of any product, a logistics set up with drivers is probably better.

I have noticed that you can order that wholesale contract multiple times for 1 store so maybe you can get enough goods delivered to stock a large store (but I haven’t really tested it). It would be easier than the logistics route but I don’t think the game was meant to be played that way so it may not work, lol.

If you do not use all the merchandise before delivery you’ll probably clog the businesses shelf with one type of product after a period of time using wholesale contracts.

How to Cancel

Disable it in the BizMan menu under the businesses delivery tab. Pretty sure there is a red toggle somewhere in that menu as well.

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