Big Ambitions – How to Optimize the Business of Lawyers

It seems no one has said this yet, but there are some other ways.

Tips to Optimize the Business of Lawyers

A 10 capacity office business will basically never have 10 customers per hour, so there is no need to hire 10 lawyers. I’m sure some of them might be sitting there and wasting away.

The highest I’ve seen in a 24/7 law firm is 3 per hour, this was in a 75 capacity building, meaning that at the lowest hours there only needed to be 3 employees working.

You can check this by looking at the graph in the bottom right of the ‘Insight’ tab and pressing the ‘yesterday’ button on it. Lawfirms get slightly more customers on saturday/sunday, so beware!

I’ve only opened up 10 lawyer offices in Hell’s Kitchen and garment district, I’m not sure if Midtown has better customer flow or how much difficulty affects it, but there is a lot of room to manipulate lawyer shifts so that you don’t have a lot of employees wasting money.

At one point on hard mode, I had a 60k net average daily 5 person law firm, with a 6th person working on the weekends.

I think I have a 20-30k net average one right now in garment but I haven’t checked it lately because garment is terrible for this and I just left it alone after setting it up. I can only get three customers per hour here and only during 11 hour shifts, which sucks, but it works.

Some store types are quality over quantity, or price over quantity, one of the members on the discord called it a ‘Fill rate’, assuming you have no competitors in the district and 100% indexes, a jewelry fill rate is apparently like 35% of capacity.

Other stores, like fast food, are quantity-based, meaning it’s easier to have a full 30 people in there making lots of small purchases.

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