Big Ambitions – How to Save Money on Cleaning

Tips to Save Money on Cleaning


You can just only hiring part time cleaners, one per building that you have.

Hire retail assistance with some cleaning skill, then i add them to clean for an hour before opening then they stand by the till once the shop is open.

  • Cleaning skill % means how much that employee can clean in an hour. It’s mentioned somewhere under “?”. It’s not uncommon for some customer care employees to have like 17% cleaning. Which could be trained for a day to 27% to almost double the performance there. Not enough for larger fast food restaurant with high customer capacity, but the giftshop should be able to do just fine with 1..2 h cleaning after a single shift or a whole day.

Putting a customer service employee with a cleaning skill of like 15% on the cleaning station for 2 hours everyday. and have had no issues. cleaning employees aren’t that necessary if you have a customer service employee who also has a bit of cleaning skill.

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