Balatro – Green Stake Tips

My tips for Green stake are the same as for Gold stake.

How to Win with Green Stake

Keep resetting runs until the reward for the first blind skip is either a free shop, foil / holographic / uncommon / rare joker, (Poly is interesting too but expensive) or a free mega tarot pack – check the contents and if you don’t get a decent joker out of it just restart. Skip the second blind too if there’s good incentive, for example if the first two tags are free shop + poly joker.

Your overall goal is pair or high card synergy, flushes are massively overrated and inconsistent for what you need. From the first shop or two you want jokers that give bonuses and ideally scale well with minimal effort and nothing more specific than a pair needed. Fibonachi, odd todd, even steven, square joker, ripped joker, any card that pays out on pairs, the joker that creates 2 common jokers per round, even gros micheal and stuff where it hardly matters what you play and you get a decent bonus.

Once you have ideally two of those in the first two antes start looking to improve your jokers over time. Your goal by the end is:

  • One to two jokers that improve your chip count – even if it’s just through one being a foil.
  • One to two jokers that improve your base mult – even if it’s just through one being a holo.
  • Two to three jokers that improve your times mult – even if it’s just through some being poly.

That’s it. If you get that combo of jokers then all you’ll really need to do every hand is play a pair or a high card, and it’s that sort of flexibility you need to win. Feel free to check out booster packs for planets boosting pairs or high card, tarots for money or making your deck more consistent etc, or playing card packs ideally looking for cards with any two out of the three of an enhancement, edition and seal.

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