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Pretty good seed. I managed to get multiple Polychromes and 2 Negative jokers. For the first Polychrome, make sure to skip the 1st 2 blinds so you can get it for free. You will also need to get the Baseball Joker and farm for uncommons. You can do what you like with the seed afterwards.


Lots of negative jokers. Fun seed with lots of chances for negatives, especially when using the anaglyph deck, I had 10 jokers this run, good luck!


Fun money seed and baseball card anaglyph deck. So basically you skip first 2 blinds, kill the boss, buy some ok cards in shop, skip next 2 blinds, barely survive the mouth, then grab a lot of uncommon cards and the baseball card. Also you get the bull at some point, so save your money until soon enough you get 3 economy tags and end up with like 180 bucks.


Special Edition Jokers. Mega Buffoon Pack has a negative joker. You can get a polychrome and foil jokers from shops. First shop has a shortcut, and you can make a straight flush deck. Blue Deck!


Big Money Anaglyph Seed. Cracked Anaglyph seed because you get an early +15$ tag to double, then a double money Tag to double, you should have well over 100$ by Ante 3. Practically a playground from that point, buy whatever you want.


Double Polychrome Greedy Joker + Negative Brainstorm.

The main thing with this seed is to be absolutely aggro with your skips. if you think you can afford to skip and the tag seems remotely good for you, go for it. Eventually you will get a throwback which will pay you off for this, but there are also a few key skips.

  • I started on blue deck. anaglyph also seems promising here tho I haven’t tried it. might make this seed even better, lmao
  • A random polychrome popcorn super early on will help you survive all of these skips. try to always keep at least $10 before you find it (that’s how much it should cost)
  • Polychrome skip (around ante 2): gets you a polychrome greedy joker. from here you want to be playing diamond flushes, if you weren’t already.

A few shops after this, you should see a spectral pack. GET IT. this spectral pack will contain an ankh! sell off all of your other jokers and grab another poly greedy joker. Its so worth it.

  • Negative skip (around ante 4/5): gets you a negative brainstorm, possibly the best thing you could get from that.
  • After this you should be getting 100k minimum from most flushes. easy wins.


2 invis jokers for fibo hack – magic deck. Got an early judgment and turned it into Fibo, Invis, and something forgettable (greedy maybe?) and then a while later got invis in the shop and then hack, and invis doubled my hack. Wish I’d been able to find a flower pot or something — the hologram came really late and was only 1.25x. Might have actually done better with Odd Todd. Couple of glass 5’s, lots of lucky cards. A pretty dead simple game overall.


Anaglyph orbital tag for level 16+ high card. Basically, you never use your double tags until the small blind on ante 5, then you get a crap ton of orbital tag high card. So you gotta grab a +4 mult for a specific suit, a gros michel, even Steven, odd Todd, and brainstorm. Then after you get brainstorm, get wheel of fortune for a polychrome brainstorm, and always copy gros michel. Then also try to get as many Plutos as possible.


Flush House + 2x Hologram Seed Magic Deck. Flush House hits lvl 3, and you end with the two holograms proving 3.5x multiplier each, meaning a single flush house ends the game with this much score. I didn’t skip any blinds, and I sold two jokers when I took a spectral pack for the duplicate jokers. Also later took another spectral to destroy one random card, to get four special numbered cards.


Polychrome two pair pants, the three of a kind 2x, and brainstorm. Has the double a joker joker, two pants in the very first store, then an early pack to make it poly, ramen in the last store before boss, and tons of hermits/temperance. I never take glass because it hurts my dopamine when the cards break but im sure you could go way higher than my 250k using the jokers I saw and the glass/steel cards I skipped.


Skip the first 2 blinds for the arcana pack then after the boss you buy the holo throwback, then if you want after the next boss there is gift card + swash combo.


Foil Vagabond at the beginning + Fortune teller at the last antes with Crystal Ball deck. I also managed to focus a bit on diamonds and flushes, had a relatively tight deck with basically more than half of it as diamonds.


Low% Seed. Here is the Route:

(Use Magic Deck)

  • Ante 1 – Use one of your Fools with Judgement. Make the 2 of Diamonds a Stone Card.
  • Ante 2 – Only buy Pluto; use Fool with it. Use Wraith to get Invisible Joker.
  • Ante 3 – Buy Misprint and Ramen. From the Standard Pack, buy both enhanced cards.
  • Ante 4 – Don’t interact with the shop. Play the Mult Card to win by 416 points.
  • Ante 5 – Sell Misprint, THEN Invisible Joker. Buy Poly Fibonacci. Reroll for Justice. Play the card 3rd from the right for Fibonacci to activate.
  • Ante 6 – Use Justice. Win by 4,232 points.


Unusual Straight Build. Anaglyph deck, many uncommon jokers (shortcut, 4 fingers, banner, hack) and baseball card, plus an orbital tag that was set to straights. Ended at something like level 14. No mult jokers needed, though I’d have preferred fibonacci to banner (might have showed up using an uncommon tag later in the game if I’d tried them.)

Not an exceptionally high-scoring build or anything, but when you come in to Cerulean and are just like “sure there are 4 cards kind-of in sequence and I don’t even need the card it autoselected to score” and then get 100k+ from the hand, that’s a good day. Early game I used a generic straight joker to get through a couple of blinds, but it was really pretty much entirely “straight is very high level, easy to make one, and the xMult is tied to my jokers already”.


Skip ALL Blinds Challenge. Not entirely seed related (I used a random seed), but I wanted to do a challenge run where you have to skip every single blind. Took way less time than expected, ended up using the anaglyph deck for obvious reasons.


Multiple Good Jokers. Round 7’s shop has a Lusty Joker, and two arcana packs, and if you take the wheel of fortune, it turns the lusty joker into holographic. I choked this run really hard, but you can end the run with 7 jokers, two of which are negative and you pick up early, and you can also end the run with $120+. Anaglyph deck! Negatives appear on small blind in ante 2, skip it and the following blind for the two negative jokers.


Weird Fun Run! You will run into alot of cool stuff in this run, 2 ankhs, 4 polycrhomes, 3 negatives (2 diet colas into a negative tag on ante 3).


5.75x Hologram via Seance abuse. Plus Baseball Card for so much more multiplying. Only actually skipped twice, but hey, that’s all you really need when using the Anaglyph deck. Shortcut is used, Diamonds is the main suit but at the end you should have a Sigil (or, at least, I had one) so any straight flush will be over 130k after planet cards.


(Infinite Stone Cards). Skip blind 1 and 2 for early game jokers, then waste most of your money on rerolls and packs, get banner, then marble, then wait for a dna, then stone joker, then holo, then burnt joker and then blueprint, can also get pretty far on endless with plasma deck, and make sure to open all standard packs to see if you can get poly card to turn into stone.


Early hack & deja vu + blueprint + oops! All 6s. This one is luck heavy : you can have 2 early hacks with some lucky upgrades on your cards (choose the 4!), and “oops! all 6s” pretty early as well. As some point the lucky cat comes in action, enjoy!


Perkeo on the very first blind skip! After getting Perkeo went with a funny High card build. Many negative jokers too! (Abandoned Deck).

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