Astral Party – Tips to Play Aggressive Character

Aggro Chars Tips

Aggressive characters are strong. It’s just a high risk high reward play style. Dodge isn’t that dependable and potentially gets you killed in one hit (it’s also high risk high reward for the defense side).

With right cards and a good luck, they can sweep people up like a vacuum.

It needs the high risk to balance things up, since high rolls can be achieved really easily in this game.

The game reveals if someone is using cards or is done using them. You could wait out the whole timer and play a game of chicken to see if they pull the trigger on defense cards and if they do, save your damage cards, if they dont then you could dump on them.

Imo attacking seems strong in this game because you can attack anyone you want with little to no punishment since they cant counter attack you. The only reason to pass on an attack is if you need the guy alive to help you stop someone else from winning.

Personally when I want to play aggro, I will buy out tons of cards to keep my own gold low until i get a juicy target and snatch the win condition. Delaying your 2nd level up until you are closer to lv 3 condition gives you more time to avoid boss aggro.

Idk if your issues are map specific but sakura is absolutely the worst map to play aggro since the outer and center arent connected, making all the damage spells/skills useless if not on the same island/ring.


Abuse shops, delay your levels and cards in combat, pray you dont get bent over by game master sniping the game winning card in hand.

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