Astral Party – Explanation of Damage

How Does Damage Work

Every character has an attack and defense stat.

When battling, it will tell you what damage you can deal up to including this stat. When attacking it will first add up your attack to your total roll and then add any card buffs you use then subtract the dmg to what the opponent rolled for defense plus whatever buffs and stats they have.

If they evade, a successful evasion is performed resulting in 0 dmg if their initial roll (without anything added to it) is higher than your initial roll (without anything added to it), otherwise they take 100% dmg (Their attack roll + atk + card buffs).

If a player defends they are guaranteed to ALWAYS take atleast one dmg, so if you are at 1 HP you should always evade.

I also think to avoid confusion, it should show an animation or display a picture of what its adding to your roll.

Though it does at least a decent enough job of conveying that two separate numbers are being added to your roll (your atk level and card buffs), it did take me a while to differentiate whats being added to it each time since upon first inspection it just looks like its adding 2 random numbers two your roll without telling you why.

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