Last Epoch – Survival Tips

Tips to Survive

When you’re struggling but your gear’s okay, consider crafting to upgrade everything a bit. It’ll tide you over until you find better gear.

Armor and HP are your friends, especially HP – it stops you from getting wiped out by elites and bosses.

Aim for over 50% armor, doable with gear alone. All resistances over 50%? Tougher, but crafting can help.

Ward isn’t a biggie unless you luck out with a top-tier gear piece or some passive skills.

Belts with more potions are a game-changer, especially if you’re low on health regen. I found one with 16 potions – it’s a lifesaver.

Don’t ignore defensive passive skills. Pumping all your points into offense might seem tempting, but maxing out a few defensive skills can save your hide.

Or, go all-in on offense, stack up HP to avoid getting one-shot, and toss in some life drain. Risky, but high risk, high reward, right?

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