Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator – How to Beat Ruins of the Sealed Demon Dungeon

Ruins of the Sealed Demon Dungeon Guide

I brought:

  • 2 breakers: Placta, Marion.
  • 1 Attacker: Ryza (I don’t have a good ice attacker, New Meruru is geared perfectly for this fight).
  • 1 Defender: Sophie (just to absorb dmg and lower res).
  • 1 Support: Resna (to get my crit to 100% then sup heal).
  • Items: 2 ice bombs 3 AoE Heals.

The fight honestly is annoying since its a long crawl and it gets stronger as time goes on, doesn’t help that it has res to everything but ice.

Try to break it as much as possible so it cant move, if you can try to finagle your breakers into the turn after it wakes up from stun to stun it again.

I just kind of tank and spanked it until I killed it, Since there are no dmg downs this event, you have to manipulate the turns as much as possible to try and give your attacker Dmg Up.

Burst should be used as a per need basis, i’ve actually had some turns where I didn’t use a characters burst because I wanted better buffs on later turns.

That’s all I can really help with, good luck.

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