Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Tips and Tricks to Play as Iroquois

The Haudenosaunee Tips

The age 2 economy is very different. It’s all food/wood. You get coin only for a handful of techs (wood chopping) and age-up. If you’re looking to rush, New Ways (arsenal upgrades at your houses) and Town Destroyer (turns your chief into a wrecking ball) are really good. Take advantage of your travois for free buildings. Use them to make the expensive ones like farms (400w) and estates (600w) rather than longhouses.

If you’re going to turtle and boom, there’s no Bishop age 3 politician, so I typically grab the free TC. Oneida support gives you free villagers. I like to go up to Age 3 with The Elder (3 travois to immediately get estates in.

You’ll find they have a very weak cavalry overall. You’ll need the Kanya horsemen for anti-skirmisher and anti-artillery, but I find the wood cost restrictive when you want that wood for buildings, siege, and tech. You get a baseline higher gather rate from all trees, so when you think about placing buildings, you also have to think about it taking nearly twice as long to clear out trees. Build around them. There’s a card called Environmentalism that’s intended to give you very reliable long-term wood (~400% gather rate or something) but it comes with a huge cost of making your musket riders (dragoons) and forest prowlers (skirms) also cost wood instead of gold. If you have teammates, they will clear your trees robbing you of your bonus and you still get the penalty of having your entire army chained to wood. I don’t use it in team games, but 1v1 treaty is what it’s there for.

About the fire pit/communist plaza (I truly hate the name change), it’s very powerful and you do want to make use of it. You have options to produce villagers faster (early game), revive your warchief if you lose him, boost your exp gains (mid-late game), spawn healers, boost your attack in combat, or boost your max population. You can get a card to boost your naval combat. You can get a maximum of 10 healers and when they’re not healing, you want them on your fire pit. The card to give +35% effectiveness to them is quite strong. The end game is balanced around the assumption you’ll have 25 units on it using the dance that boosts your population allowing you to field absolutely massive armies. However, when you attack, you want to switch it to boost your attack. While rebuilding, you may want to switch again to exp gain so you can get INF shipments faster if you’re using Covenant Chain, the INF resources card, Canadian Loyalists (dragoons), etc.

On siege, the rams are bit like flail elephants. They’re a nice concept, but they’re single use and more vulnerable than they seem. They do the job, but by Age 4, you’d rather use field cannons. Use them to snipe key buildings (factories, etc). Mantlets are fantastic meat shields with ranged resist. Anything melee will kill them, but you’ll keep infantry behind them for that. Send the Age 3 card that reduces the population requirement of your siege units by 1. It’s an essential card for late-game play, IMO. Field cannons are your all-around cannon: long range, work well for anti-artillery as well as anti-building, though not as good against infantry and cavalry. But, they can fire and move, so I find them infinitely more useful than things like heavy cannon, lil bombards, etc.

As for the rest, you’ll get a feel for it like all the other civs.

Oh, also, if you’re finding yourself short on food late game (treaty), consider building a farm just for cows, and use North American trade to get extra coin out of it while you’re harvesting the cows. They harvest at 2x the rate of your farms, so it’s an effective way to juice a late game economy if you’re willing to send 2 cards to do it.

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