Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Beginners Tips

Here you can find some tips that have helped me alot.

Tips for New Players

  1. Always training villagers to collect more resources.
  2. Never having excess resources(i.e training troops, researching upgrades, of course you have to save up for advancing age but don’t shy away from spending resources on villagers).
  3. A good way to know you’re doing alright/better is the scoreboard thing in skirmish, make sure you score is high, collect resources, train troops, research, treasure hunts, trade post, killing/attacking ai.
  4. Learn the counters, Crossbow kills pikeman, pikeman, kills cavalry, cavalry kills crossbow, this gets complicated with other troops in the mix, take your time to learn about it.
  5. Map awareness, understand whats going on in the minimap.
  6. Find civilisations you like, for beginners the OG civis are what i would suggest (e.g Spanish British, Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Ottoman) try them all out and find their unique cards and units and functions.
  7. Resources are important, in early game hunting animals> gathering from berry bushes, so when i spawn in skirmish i usually train villagers > build House (population) > Market (early research for resources (as an example)).
  8. For ai as long as you can counter their troops you’ll be fine aka Micro management, don’t shy away from trying lower difficulties, practice is also important!
  9. For micro management in battles, use your crossbow to kill enemy pikeman, use your pikeman to kill enemy hussar, use hussar to kill enemy crossbow or cannon, prioritise cannons if possible because they will shred your units if you’re not too cautious.
  10. This is just an addition from my side coz i like Native Allies! They don’t count towards population count but they have a build limit, so use that to your advantage! extra troops if fully upgraded can deal strong blows towards enemy ranks!

This is a lot to take in, so take it slow, have fun with the game!

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