Detective Gman – First Arrests Guide

This will help you make some arrests for early in the game.

Guide to First Arrests

Before you begin, avoid putting all of your skill points into Physical or Special categories. You need to put at least 2 in Stoic, Charm, or Humor. You start the game with 8 available points.

Start by exiting the police station and moving left to the police man by the squad car, and talk to him to fast travel to the Regal Suites in the North District. Enter the building and take the elevator to the 2nd floor, and enter the room on the left. Examine the murdered body of the victim to get a clue, you may also find a clue in the bath tub and the officer there will give you a hint on where to search for the killer. Now leave the Regal Suites and move two buildings to the right to enter the casino. On the 3rd floor of the casino is a lady spinning around and having a good time. You’ll need a Stoic skill level of 2 or more in order to get her to confess and arrest her. This awards you 2 more skill points to level up your abilities.

Also, if you travel to the local park you’ll find two bodies in different places. One of those bodies is a mobster in the water. Examine him for a clue, and then travel to the hospital, and take it to the top floor. If you get shot or beaten up, you’ll wake up on the top floor, too. You’ll need a Humor speech level of 2 or more in order to get him to confess. This will also reward you with 2 more skill points.

Enjoy the world, the writing, and keep playing! Detective Gman.

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