They Are Billions – Campaign Tips and Tricks

Tips to Beat Campaign’ Missions

First mission is extreme easy on any difficulty. On 25% you no need walls with 25-30 rangers, or you need 10 rangers with just 2-tiles walls (3-gates on track before bridge since not much to build there).

Next advise is go to Survival a looknfor tech. Shock Tower still a mandatory tech. Walls turrets, spikes. While early Ballista not efficent and maybe deal too much noise.

You can get only 10000 points right before last mission. There is two online calculator for it (melanite’s one i prefer more but it have one cost mistake for Logistics and minor description mistake for some New structure tech at end of Tree).

Only then it is going to pro-tips. Watch towers as main walls.

Move-click Attack-click Hold and Chase command and try to use Mouse as much less as possible.

Ofc WASD camera movement and pay attention to what happened on the screen and what you click. That ones not a “pro” tips but basic of RTS.

When you retreat your troops make one-two stay and die. Order then to Hold.

There is 50/50 RTS games where units able to fire while moving. They Are Billions is not of them. Here we have exact feature, specific unit stat – how fast they AIM. They need to stop for start aiming. Reloading and reloading+aiming. First shot is longer.

So pay attention when it is close COMBAT- your orders to move forward-backward-backthere-andthere make units die without dealing a single damage point. Same as when you finally decide to save them and retreat.

Especially for snipers and thanatos units. Popular TAB streamers on YT even for them make distortion orders not allow them to aim.

There is no and never be bad units AI in RTS. Only bad player units controlling. Bad AI is something maybe related to online matches/synchronisation. Units do what you order them. Strategy is not “Press X to win” – make sure units start go where you order them to go and not “nah I clicked somewhere mean units will should get their whatever obstacles and enemies they faced I don’t need to check where they start to go”.

This is about living quarters blocks

Make 2-tiles streets! One tile for Tesla Towers and large units. Do not make colony single stuck everywhere block! Or your units will go in opposite directions of what you order them (and like streamers do and some else players – they not saw such effect happened before their eyes).

Telsa Tower is a thing many player forget when planning a space to build structures. TAB Fandom Wikia article or many Workshop maps. They make “streets” of one tile and make suggested building plans without tesla towers at all on such plans schemas.

For campaign maps. The Hunters Meadow. You can build Lumber Mill and Hunters + Electricity Mill on HQ side – and later keep upper half of the map above tracks for Hunters with maybe one more Lumber somewhere (this map is TOO MUCH TINY for Hunters without Farms you need as much as possible tiles for food).

Down side from tracks – for living blocks and later few Power Mill and Lumber Mill. But first – very first – is Tesla Tower. Sometimes – closer to HQ and closer to map far sides walls – you need additional Tesla’s. Do not try build them on forest distance st this places.

And to build streets of living blocks first structure to start plan and grow quarters- Tesla. While Tents can be placed next to track at whole distance of track – keep central area next to HQ 2-tiles Street. Especially if your barracks placed next to HQ on upper side. Living blocks should be exactly blocks – with crossing streets. Make “central avenue” with Tesla and cross streets each two tiles of tents as game require. At this cross streets place additional Tesla now when it is end of exist Electricity web. First Tesla should be under HQ right next to tracks under it. +one free tile. And first Tents next to this at sides of future central street.

The Hunter Meadow very hard missions and seems even buggy for me. You will faced constant runners from all sides. For me bug is when I replay this mission on 800% with all tech (cheated) I’m able to saw far edges of the map and how CONSTANTLY at some point mass of runners spawn and won’t stop. That looks like Village of Doom OUT OF THE MAP. That didn’t happened on 500%. It is bug or bad design if I have not a single sec to do something with that even with large bunch of soldiers.

Central streets always should start and go from HQ and Barracks. Anyway later in the mission there will be a bit larger bunch of spawned runners. New trained units should have direct access to sides, in this mission to bottom side after your Tents.

Of course this very hard mission require at least one-two tile-block of walls (single block wall sometimes enough) each time you expand your Tents blocks. Tents should be never opened, never direct access to them. Ideally they should be in central area of large map. HQ then Tech Research structures then Wonders Structres around HQ. And next is Tents with Markets, Banks, and one of Wonder.

Military structures should be closest to edges. With maybe one(+1 for oil units?) Barracks stay in central area.

At mission mentioned above with large bridge as only entrance and large Horde come of there.

There is a lot of space on this map for Tents. Place them from very bottom to upper. But DESTROY initial dwelling upper from HQ and do not build new ones upper from HQ. This area from HQ to inner wall – not so big area – are not for Tents or Farms.

Same if you get Survival map generated with one entrance somewhere far of colony. You can see such generation in Hub Screenshots/Artworks sections. Place Dwellings and Farms far possible away of it.

Destroy and rebuild some old colony sections to place Dwellings more efficent. Or to rebuild anything. Ideally next to HQ should be placed Economy (Wonders) and then Tech structures (Research ones). Tavern. Then living blocks.

Tavern is economy structure first than military. Military units there cost too much anyway. Tavern military function still economic one – workers for army.

How go to Research in campaign is difficult to answer. TAB is unique game. General in any strategy Economy always first mean strong army later. In TAB you need strong defense first. What to rush for? Everything.

Tavern as economy. Dwellings and Farms. Market next to Dwellings. Food is most critical and most limited resource in the game and you faced that on The Hunters Meadow. Maybe. It is more limited than limited. It is only limited resource affect how much any else you get. Next is Electricity and workers. You get them as much as map allow. Oil and Gold can be stored and storage increased. Still each Oil platform should be with Storage structure supported.

But only Food limited to food production areas on the map (and map size) and affect everything else structures. And military since all units except ranger require food. The Hunters Meadow probably too much tiny and too much early map to show that limitation.

Rush main tech path for oil tech and units, rush Train delivery path (including Wasps!).

But you need also rush for soldiers, spikes, walls/towers, Shock Tower, Wasps as military techs. Anyway rush for.

Use 2 backup (additional to current autosave so it should be 3 differ saves) saves. Start campaign and make 3 saves. Then each mission update two of the saves and keep third one on previous mission. Although failing the mission allow you re-choose Research and Hero perks better have more chose with older save.

Also if you cant beat one RTS mission and want differ tech. Game allow to re-choose but did not automatically revert techs back! If oyu decide chose other and at same time going on another available mission – if you beat that one game will lock techs as it do on all new successful mission. If you forgot to re-chose and win another RTS/horde/hero mission you lost ability to rechose.

Heroes missions first. Horde missions last. For two first Hordes (3 on the map and then another 3 on next stage) two most downside ones are much easier. You should first go easier ones to get +100 Empire points.

Research Tree tech affect all the missions. Units get upgrades. Even Hero will get at least armor upgrade from Research Tree. On Horde missions upgrades for walls also. And Outpost/Advanced Outpost get HP upgrade from Tree (structures HP is YELLOW one). Advanced Outpost much stronger and +Empire points bonus is very useful. Another Tech to rush for.

Campaign have no ability to reset Research. Do not spent points on earlier upgrades since they wont work in late-game. Eg Hunters food upgrade is useless when you get Farms. Same for Power Mill when you get Advanced Mill upgrade (they not stack!) and Power Plant.

You must rush everything and that everything, let say, should start from end side of Tree. Online calculator and Survival mode first to get understanding which ones tech obsolete and which ones obsolute.

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