FINAL FANTASY XIV Online – The Easy Win Lord of Verminion Guide

How to Win Lord of Verminion (Easy Way)

By Operation Ivy (Leviathan)


  • For playing 1, 3, and 5 games, the weekly challenge log rewards you with 5,000, 10,000, and 12,000 MGP respectively. During Make it Rain (and with the FC buff), that’s 40,500 MGP just for playing five games a week!
  • Tournament rewards are substantial and you can play against NPCs!
  • If you finish four Lord of Verminion Tournaments with 10 or more wins, you get the Penguin Prince minion!
  • It’s easy!

What You Need!

  • Unlock Lord Of Veminion in the Gold Saucer.  Saethrith at Entrance Square (X:4.4 Y:6.7) will allow you to access the chocobo and minion squares.  
  • The Wind-Up Gentleman minion, obtained from the Hildebrand Sidequest “Her Last Vow”
    • Our Hildebrand Hero will serve as our defender and reinforcer.  He is strong.  He is fast.  He is gallant.  He is a true Manderville man.  
  • The Wind-Up Kojin minion, purchased from Shikitahe for 5 Kojin Sango (Beast Tribe currency)
    • Our kindly Kojin friend is surprisingly ferocious.
      • Bonus damage against Arcana Stones
      • Like their namesake, they are quite durable
      • Unlike their namesake, they are very fast
    • They are truly of the divine!
  • Set up your minion hotbar.  From the character menu, select “Gold Saucer” and “Verminion.”  Select “Edit Hotbar” and add the Wind-Up Gentleman and Wind-Up Kojin for use in battle!
  • Optional: Speak to the Tournament Recordkeeper at Minion Square to sign up for a tournament.  Registering for “Master Tournament” in the duty finder will only place you against NPC opponents!!  

How to Win!

  • The goal of Verminion is simple:  destroy all three enemy Arcana Stones (A, B, and C) before they can destroy yours.
  • Because your Arcana Stone B and the enemy Arcana Stone B overlap, we will focus on defending this area, while attacking Arcana Stones A and C.

Sound Complicated? I’ll make it really simple!

Briefing: Select Your Starting Minions

  1. Minion hotbar – selecting a minion here will spawn it in the chosen lane.
  2. Lane selector – allows you to switch between spawn points A, B, and C (shown below).
  3. Preview of minion spawns – queued minions will show up here.
  • When you select A, B, or C from the lane selector, you are choosing to spawn minions at either A, B, or C.  
  • When you then select a minion, it will appear at your chosen spawn point.  
  • During the “Briefing” phase, you can select up to four minions that will spawn when the match begins.  

Step-by-Step Guide (Against NPC’s)

Step #1: Briefing Phase!

  1. Select Lane A.
  2. Select your Wind-Up Kojin four times.
  3. Four Wind-Up Kojin minions will spawn at A when the match begins.

Step #2: The Match Begins!

Immediately select all four Wind-Up Kojin by drawing a box around them with your cursor (hold down left click and drag before releasing). Send them across the map to the enemy’s “Arcana Stone C” (right click inside of the red circle).

Step #3: Summon More Minions!

  1. Select Lane B.
  2. Select the Wind-Up Gentleman minion *twice*.
  3. Two Wind-Up Gentleman minions will spawn at B after the queue time passes.
  4. Immediately send both of these Wind-Up Gentlemen to the center Arcana Stones to defend.  It is very important that we do not lose our Arcana Stone B.

Step #4: Defend!

If you position the minions you have at Arcana Stone B in the center of the Red and Blue Venn Diagram, you will be able to damage the enemy stone while defending your own, preventing damage.

Step #5: More Kojin!

  1. Switch over to Lane C.
  2. Spawn four more Wind-Up Kojin.
  3. These four minions will spawn in turn.

Step #6: Attack!

Send your four new Wind-Up Kojin across the map to attack the enemy Arcana Stone A.  Again, draw a box around your minions and right-click in the red circle.

Step #7: More Manderville!

  1. Switch back to Lane B.
  2. Spawn two final Wind-Up Gentleman minions (this is the maximum number of minions we can have on the field.

Step #8: Reinforce!

  1. If there is heavy resistance at Arcana Stone B, send your last two Wind-Up Gentlemen to the center Venn Diagram (Yellow Arrow).
  2. If the NPC decides to fight at the enemy Arcana Stone C, where we sent our first four Wind-Up Kojin, send these last two Wind-Up Gentlemen to reinforce there instead (Green Arrow).

Step #9: Move in to Win!

Once the enemy Arcana Stones A and C have been destroyed, relocate your Wind-Up Kojin to the Arcana Stone B Venn diagram.  Once this final stone is destroyed, you win!

Final Tips

  • The Wind-Up Kojin have an ability you can use!  They must be together in a group of four. 
  • There are two ways to tell an ability is ready for use.
    • When selected, the Big Red Button at the bottom of the screen will light up!
    • The Icon for your Wind-Up Kojin will begin to glow (beneath where it says “Player” on the far right side of the screen.
  • Selecting the Big Red Button will activate “Treasure Trove,” immediately healing all minions within range.
  • The Wind-Up Gentleman also has an activatable ability that increases ATK and DEF of all minions within range. However, you will lose all of your Wind-Up Gentleman when it wears off.  Use with caution! Have fun!
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