AFK Journey – Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks

Useful Tips for Beginners

By Nikoowo!

Open World Adventure

When you log into the game for the first time, you’ll surely be attracted by the beautiful sceneries that comes into view.

Explore the map, you can guide your character’s movement just by swiping on the screen gently.

Or, you can click on the minimap which is located at the upper right of the screen.

Open the map, then click on the target indicator, to activate auto-route easily.

For first-time new players, the auto-route setting is turned off by default, remember to enable it first in the setting!

Of course, the world of Esperia is very vast, so the game have prepared waystones for the players.

Move near to an inactive waystone to activate it.

Anytime after that, you just need to open the map at the upper right corner, click on the selected waystone and choose to teleport, and you’ll be teleport to right next of the waystone immediately.

Certainly, other than wandering around and enjoying the view, AFK Journey also has an interesting story and rich plot lines waiting to be explored by players.

Click on the Temporal Journal right below the map, you’ll be able to see a clear guidance for both main and side quests.

Or, you can be more simple and straight forward, just click on the quest guidance, and our character will head towards the next quest target!

At the same time, there are loads of chests guarded by mobs on the map, waiting to be discovered by players.

Defeat the mobs, open the chest and claim generous rewards!

Since there are chests available, I’m sure there will be players that wants to ask questions such as “How many chests are in each maps” or “How can I know that I’ve collected them all”.

Fret not, you can click on the ‘Exploration Progress’ at the top left corner of the map to open the Exploration Journal.

The Exploration Journal have detailed records of every collected and uncollected chests in current map.

Meanwhile, as players progress in chests collection, they can also receive rewards for each completion.

If you ask me, I’ll surely have 100% collection progress in every map!

Surely, other than rich rewards from chests, there are lots of easter egg discovery points hidden in the map, just lead your character near to it to collect them.

Many a little makes a mickle, being able to collect all of them are also a considerable amount of resources.

Explore every corner of the world of Esperia!

There will be some obstacles in parts of the map, go near the obstacles then press and hold the button to open the path, there’s definitely some unexpected surprise waiting for you.

AFK Rewards and Stages

This is one of the most distinctive gameplay of AFK Journey!

Earn loads of resources while being AFK (This is the best part!), you’ll be able to become stronger even when you’re asleep!

There’s a lot of content in this interface, so it’s easier to just look at the pictures.

Click the red Claim to challenge current AFK stages, if you win you’ll get an increase in base resources that accumulates over time and advance to the next stage.

(In this picture it doesn’t show that due to reaching maxed AFK time).

In addition, due to the fact that there’s a limit on how long the AFK rewards will accumulate, if you didn’t collect it when it reaches the limit, it won’t continue to accumulate resources.

Therefore, I recommend that early game players claim the rewards at least twice a day, to prevent it from reaching the limit.

Battle Interfaces

Although it’s just a small interface, it’s hiding a lot of mysteries, listen carefully.

I’ll skip the part about comparing combat ratings, picking heroes, arrangement and positioning of heroes since they’re the more intuitive parts.

Instead, I’ll focus on faction bonus and artifacts/spells.

Faction Bonus

Click on the maple leaf logo (highlighted in blue column in the picture) to check the rules of faction bonus.

Try to use more heroes of the same faction while arranging your formation since you’ll be able to acquire higher faction bonuses, which could help a lot in battles!

I recommend you to at least have one bonus enabled while arranging your formation, the first red highlighted column shows the current active faction bonus, below that is the rules of faction bonus.

Faction advantages exists in game (Lightbearer > Mauler, Mauler > Wilder, Wilder > Graveborn, Graveborn > Lightbearer), which is greatly different with how they are in AFK Arena.

When your team has faction advantages during offense, your team does 15% more damage towards enemies.

When your team has faction disadvantages during offense, your team does 15% less damage towards enemies.

Artifacts / Spells

As you progress further in story, you’ll unlock a total of 6 artifacts/spells.

You can click on the artifact/spell button which is located at the middle left part of the battle interface to view your current equipped artifact/spell.

Artifact / Spell with greatly increase some of the stats for your whole party and provide strong buffs as well, be flexible enough to pick the best artifact/spell when fighting against different enemies!

Mystical House

Click on the Mystical House button located at the bottom left of the screen to enter the secret base prepared by the game for players! Let us see what are available in there!


There’s currently 5 stores in game, players can spent diamonds or different kinds of currency earned from different methods to purchase their desired items.

The 2nd store is more special than others.

It’s actually 2 stores, 1 daily store and 1 monthly store.

Actually, the invite letter and acorns helps a lot in early game progression, I recommend all new players buy both of them daily.

Other than the daily store, store 1, 2, 3 and 4’s refresh time is the 1st day of every month.

The 5th store (Friendship Store) has no refresh time.

Mystic Collection

You can acquire associated advantages by completing specific objectives in game, which could increase a player’s daily income.

By clicking on each collection, you’ll be able to view and understand what objectives are needed to unlock the advantages.

Such as Victorious Helm:

Incomplete objectives will be shown in a dark gray column, the ones in white are objectives that has already been completed and the associating advantages has been activated.

AFK Journey is an Idle game, which is more focused on having a steady flow.

All collection in Mystic Collection increases your daily resource gains and are easy to unlock, so I recommend all players to unlock all of them as soon as possible (except for King’s Glory which is related to Vip Level).


This is where you receive rewards, free gifts and occasionally some official notices.

Another thing to pay attention to is that you’ll sometimes receive player survey mails, make sure you do it because it usually gives 1000 diamonds as rewards.

Noble Tavern

This is where you pull for heroes/do gachas, player’s main ways to acquire new heroes, currently there’s 3 banners.

All Hero Recruitment:

Spend diamonds or invite letters to pull for heroes, a single pull cost 300 diamonds while a 10x pull gets a 10% discount, which cost 2700 diamonds, try not to do single pulls.

If you didn’t manage to get heroes, you’ll get a set amount of faction acorns.

After you created an account and did 30 recruitment pulls, you’ll unlock the wishlist and be able to set it up on your own.

You can select 2 epic heroes and 2 elite heroes for each faction, as your target in recruiting.

If you don’t know who to pick, you can follow the one above, they’re all heroes great for early game progression in current version of the game.

Pity for all hero recruitment is 60 pulls.

Epic Recruitment:

The main banner to acquire the rare and powerful heroes.

Epic recruitment allows you to select 5 epic heroes (without limiting factions) as your target.

Epic recruitment has higher rates than all hero recruitment to acquire epic heroes (5.22% vs 2.05%).

Also, epic recruitment has a lower pity amount than all hero recruitment.

(30 vs 60)

Of course, due to having higher rates to acquire epic heroes than all hero recruitment, this banner requires epic invite letter instead of normal invite letter to do pulls, and you’re not allowed to use diamonds.

Stargaze Station:

After accumulating a total of 400 recruitment pulls, you’ll unlock the stargaze station in noble tavern. This is the only banner that players are able to get Hypogean/Celestial heroes.

You can select one of the Hypogean/Celestial heroes as your target.

Pulling in stargaze station will also reward you with materials used to level up exclusive equipments and omni-acorns, with a very low chance of getting tons of diamonds!

Stargaze station requires stellar crystals, the amount for pity are 40 pulls.

If you don’t know who to pick, go for Reinier as shown in the picture.

Resonating Hall

Click on the ‘Resonating Hall’ button located at the bottom right of the screen, players will be able to see every hero they owned and this interface includes all the content related to hero development, let me introduce them to you one by one:

Hands of Resonance and Resonance Heroes

AFK Journey’s hero level design is rather special.

Players only needs to select 5 heroes as Hands of Resonance and only this 5 heroes will require resource to level up.

The rest of the heroes will become Resonance Heroes, which can’t be level up directly.

Levels of all resonance heroes will be promoted to the current lowest level in your hands of resonance (In this picture they’re all at the same level so it’s the same for all of them).

One thing to keep in mind is that the level gap between hands of resonance and resonance level cannot exceed 10 levels (Eg: If one of your hero is at.

lvl 120 and the rest is not, players will not be able to continue increasing it’s level before the rest of the team reaches the same level).


To simplify equipment development, the game doesn’t require players to assign a set of equipment for each hero. Instead, it’s divided according to the 6 hero classes.

After replacing your current gear in the equipment wall of any hero class through forging or acquired from looting, all heroes of that same class will benefit from the stats boost it provided, greatly reducing the pressure of players in equipment development.

There are 6 equipment in each class’ equipment walls, other than acquiring them through AFK loot, you can also spend gold and forging stones to forge better equipments, the equipment level cannot exceed player’s resonance level (well, usually that’s the case).

Artifacts / Spells

As you progress in main story, players will acquire a total of 6 different artifacts/spells.

Click on the Artifact button located at the bottom right of resonating hall to enter the Artifacts interface, you’ll be able to level up the artifacts/spells within this interface, to increase its base stats bonus and unlock additional effects.

Hero Development

Click on any of the hero’s icon to enter the respective hero’s interface for various developments and upgrades.

After a hero reaches Legendary+, they will unlock their Hero Focus skill.

Later on in the hero’s skill description interface, you can spend some tidal essence to level up the hero focus skill.

Since hero focus is very strong and doesn’t require a lot of resources to level up, it’s very cost-effective so I recommend that players maxed it out the moment your hero reached Legendary+.

At supreme+, hero will acquire a strong exclusive skill, very powerful as well.

So, in order to make them complete, work hard to ascend all of them to supreme+!

Battle Modes

Click on the Battle Modes button located at the bottom of your screen to access to the shortcuts of all other content besides world exploration.

That’s the end of this long guide.

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