7 Days to Die – Useful Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Inner cupboard corners will always have loot in them in an unlooted house.

If you need to find ore, you can see it on the map, just zoom right in, literally 1 pixel will show the different ore nodes around places you have been, white = nitrate, black = coal, rusty colour = iron ore, under the ground under the ore node you want you can mine a ton more of the ore, just dig down.

If you want to dig an underground mine, make columns of wood blocks 4 spaces from each other in order to prevent collapse.

If you do trader quests, you can double dip POIs. Select a quest, go to POI, clear it out, then activate the quest to reset it. This will help in the earlygame when looking for food and water.

Tree stumps have a chance to drop honey when destroyed. Honey is the earliest way to cure infection until you get antibiotics.

Zombies in POIs giving you trouble? Place a wooden hatch inside, or in front of, a doorway. They’ll be forced to break it down while leaving themselves open to attack.

Carry dukes with you. You will often find vending machines which are good sources of food and water.

You can rent vending machines in trader outposts. You can sell your items for greater value compared to selling to traders, but make sure you mark down your prices below default.

Investing a little into some general survival skills early will pay for itself in the long-term. Putting one point into The Huntsman, Animal Tracker, Living Off The Land, Iron Chef, and Iron Gut will put less strain on finding food and water.

Don’t build a garden on your roof unless it’s very strong. Crops gain weight as they grow, and on return to your base, you might find it collapsed due to weapons-grade corn.

For anyone playing co-op, consider a point or two into “Charismatic Nature” (unless they renamed it) , this will give an “aura” effect to allied players which buffs everyone’s Stamina.
A very useful perk which is very under-used.

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