7 Days to Die – Beginners Tips

Tips for Getting Started

It’s common for traders to have cooking pots and/or grills in stock. 600 dukes each, but you can make money quickly from trader jobs. The cooking pot in particular is very important to get ASAP because it allows you to boil murky water into clean water and is required for many cooking recipes. You might find a cooking pot while scavenging…or you might not.

Take a bit of time to gather goldenrod and/or chrysthanemum plants, which are extremely common in the forest biome. After finding 5 or 6 cookery books you can make goldenrod tea and red tea from those plants and clean water. Those teas are 3 times as effective for hydration as clean water is and they have additional benefits. Especially red tea, which reduces food and water use for a little while.

Early on, loot pretty much every container. Including piles of rubbish, dumpsters…everything. You’ll find some things you can use and some things you can sell. Money makes a lot of difference to early game food and drink issues because a trader will stock food and drink and will have a food vending machine and a drinks vending machine. At default both the trader and the vending machines restock every 3 days. You might also find vending machines in POIs.

Avoid running in the first couple of days if you can. Stamina regen increases food and drink use quite a lot. Bows and crossbows are handy early on because they’re a ranged attack that’s almost silent. If you enter stealth mode (crouch) and get a headshot on a zombie that isn’t aware of you it will do a lot of damage, probably instakill on default difficulty. Even if the zombie is aware of you, an arrow or two before they reach you will reduce how often you have to hit them, which reduces the chance of you being hit. That will also help your food and drink usage.

Also, chop up any stumps you come across. There’s a small chance of getting a dose of honey, which will cure an infection up to 5%. That way you can cure an infection as soon as you get infected. Which you might well be early on. It’s really handy to have a dose or two of honey on you in the first day or two. Even buy them from the trader if they have any.

Get the early quests at the top right of your screen done ASAP! Even if thats not where you want to build a base, just set up quick and get to the trader ASAP. Along your travels, carry a bow and arrows on you at all times. The arrow drop is a bit drastic, so aim higher than normal! If you find any animals, kill them. Eat the cans of food and save the meat early for when you can make grilled meat instead of charred to save your thirst. Ask him for a job (I dont recommend the buried treasure, they take forever I would do either clear area or fetch) and complete the job. He will reward you with coins, and you can use the coins to buy food, save them for something better (my recommendation) or buy a wrench early to sell scrapped car parts for a ton of coins. After about 7-10 of these missions, you should have the ability to get the bicycle. Get the bike! Don’t be tempted by anything else. That’s my main recommendation.

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