7 Days to Die – Skills / Perks Cheats

How to Increase Skills and Perks

Method #1: Cheats

First, when you go to choose your game save to continue, there is some settings on the right hand side. Look through those and find Cheats Enabled and check that box.

Now continue your game and bring up the console by hitting F1 (to exit the console just hit F1 again), type the following commands and hit enter:

  • giveselfxp 10000


  • 3,702,129 XP will get you to level 60
  • 9,305,889 XP will get you to level 90

Method #2: Modding

Make a backup before changing anything. Or worst case scenerio, you can verify in steam and it will set the progression.xml back to defualt.

Below are basic game level, sp, and xp settings and what each of them mean:

<level max_level="300" exp_to_level="10000" experience_multiplier="1.05" skill_points_per_level="1" clamp_exp_cost_at_level="60">
  • max_level= Changes the max level a player can reach in game.
  • exp_to_level= Changes the baseline xp required to level up.
  • experience_multiplier= Changes how much xp increases for each level starting at baseline (baseline*(1.05^level)).
    • Level 2 = 11,025xp
    • Level 60 = 186,792xp
  • skill_points_per_level= Changes the amount of skill points a player gets for leveling up.
  • clamp_exp_cost_at_level= Changes which level the xp multiplier is capped at (i.e every level from 60 and up is a static amount of xp needed to level up–186,792) .

Below are the basics for all 5 main attributes and what they mean.

<attributes min_level="1" max_level="10" base_skill_point_cost="1" cost_multiplier_per_level="1.14">
  • min_level= Changes the lowest level allowed and which level is unlocked at start.
  • max_level= Changes the highest level allowed.
  • base_skill_point_cost= Changes the baseline skill points required to unlock each level.
  • cost_multiplier_per_level= Same as xp mutli…changes the how many SP are neeeded to unlock each level starting with baseline (1*(1.14)^level).

Perk settings for each attribute starts at:

<perks min_level="0" max_level="5" base_skill_point_cost="1" cost_multiplier_per_level="1" max_level_ratio_to_parent="5">

This works the same way as attributes. Min/Max(0-5) levels. SP cost. There’s a cost multi setting but is set to 1 by default, making each level cost 1sp each and never increase.

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