Zoeti – Strategy Tips

Similar to other roguelike genres, sometimes you have to weight on either tanking damage or not dealing damage for the turn.

Tips to Strategy

For your deck, you should always have either a multistrike card (cards that hit multiple times, preferably 5+) or big draw size so that you spam 1 cost attack card to remove shields.

The enemy with evade that you faced for example requires that you either use the multistrike to remove the evade OR use a big damaging skill, each evade stack protects against 10 damage, 4 evade stacks means they’ll dodge any damage bellow 41 and consume 1 stack, so if you do 41 damage they won’t consume the evade stacks and the enemy will take the hit.

For the 2 snakes, I don’t think I’ve faced it yet, although I’ve just finished the 2nd story.

Some tips I can give you:

  1. Always focus on acessories, they’re the bread and butter of all roguelikes, by acessories I mean the ones that the shop in town doesn’t sell (The shop in the map offers acessories that don’t deteriorate…if you have the coin).
  2. When meditating, there is a 2nd tab to upgrade YOUR HERO, the first upgrade is really great (+1 draw size +1 starting hand), the more cards you draw, the more possibilities you have.
  3. Although the town shop sells deteriorated acessories, some are still useful because of the deteriorating condition, for example, the ‘SLING’ will give the ‘FLAW’ debuff to monsters that start the fight with over 250hp, this usually means…bosses, so for a very cheap amount you get a 100% damage increase debuff on the boss on the first turn.
  4. Again, prioritize your archetype deck, there are many out there but for the beginning you should focus either on multihit strength stacking (buffs strength and then uses skill that hits multiple times) or big hits (Usually the combo frailty + sundering earth (3-of a kind)).

That’s pretty much it, this game isn’t that complex however it requires a lot of attention to some details because of the cards mechanics.

The 2 times that I failed a run in this game were because:

  1. I had a gash debuff but couldn’t read what it did and then spammed 8 1-cost attack skills….to my surprise, gash doubles everytime you use a card so…yeah…instakill.
  2. I built an armor archetype and found a bug with one of the cards, instead of using my armor to damage the enemy, it seems to use the enemy’s armor.
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