Yet Another Zombie Survivors – It’s Raining Men Achievement Tips

How to Unlock It’s Raining Men Achievement


  1. Turn on manual aiming and firing! I wasn’t able to get this achievement without those (Options -> Controls -> Manual Aim / Auto Fire).
  2. Pick Tank, Isolated City, Hardcore.
  3. Move around the edges of the map in a circle, picking off zombies along the edges for XP and gathering as many zombies as possible into a ball in the center.
  4. Upgrade weapon ONLY – no abilities – until rocket launcher level 1.
  5. As soon as you get the rocket launcher, run directly into the center of the zombie ball and then fire ze missiles!

Optional: It may help to reset upgrades and pick only those related to health/armor/speed/dodge and the like (no weapon attributes). I did do that, but am not sure how necessary it was.

This was one of the harder achievements for me to get, but the above method worked great once I figured out I needed to be in control of aiming and firing; good luck!

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