Palworld – How to Restore Lost Save

How to Restore Lost Save

I thought to help out as someone who tried to find a solution but very much struggles without visual explanations.

If you have lost your save and would like to restore it, i’m here to help.

Firstly go to:

  • C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Pal

After this, click ‘Saved’ then ‘SaveGame’

After this, you will see a folder with a set of numbers appear, click this to access all your saves for Pal World.

I’d suggest clicking ‘date modified’ in the sort by section and finding your latest save based on the time the file was altered.

For Example:

This is my latest save.

Click on this folder and make your way to the folder called ‘Backup’

Click on this folder and you will find what you need to know

Next -> Create a new Pal world (dont worry this wont be permanent)

After finishing creating it.

Head back to your saves and find the lastest one (this will be the world you have just created, once again sort by date mod)

Then in the separate window head back to your ‘Backup’ folder you found and find the ‘Local’ and ‘World’ files

Go into them each individually copying their contents and pasting it into the new saves folder

(Do not put them in back up within the new folder)

When windows asks, agree to replace all folders needed.

Voila, enjoy your old save load up Pal World and play!

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