Yet Another Zombie Survivors – 1HP Tips

Tips for 1HP

Use SWAT, balancing shoot rate and firepower, SWAT can still have a good chance to survive at lower level, other character cannot shoot strong and wide enough at lower level.

Don’t upgrade fast, you don’t want to go with stronger enemy in a limited time duration, in fact upgrade slower can allow you to spend more time.

Upgrade helicopter can have some good effect in securing your path.

In city map, you can run in square path along the edge.

In desert map, you can add engineer alone to get the shield.

Desert map become easier after update as I can pass (cannot achieve before upgrade), for city map I can pass before update but yet to pass now, still wondering.

It seems that developer has weaken the desert map monster, now they become less crazy and this map everything become more balanced.

For city map many players can get pass before upgrade and developer might have changed nothing, but the system has changed and the character firepower has become “weakened”, I find that the city map becomes very difficult now.

New players since will try the city map first so they might find 1 hit is ultra difficult, can try desert map to compare, developer might still need some tuning.

I did one hit mode with solo engineer first try. You have a smaller hitbox with one person. Get as much cooldown reduction as you can to shorten the time between energy shields.

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