X: Beyond the Frontier – Map

In this guide, we will show you custom made map for the X: Beyond the Frontier game. And as a bonus, you will see the reputation levels of all races.

The Map

Note: This awesome map was created by Untamed Rose.

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  • Version without the blurred or glowing text. Just in case it’s hard to read.

Reputation Levels of All Races

For each race, there is a whole grade of reputation ranks.


  • Company Director
  • Share Holder
  • Company Manager
  • Company Trader
  • Company Helper
  • Profit Opportunity
  • Profit Liability
  • Loss Creator
  • Liability
  • Profit Loser
  • Company Enemy


  • Honoured strong Arm of Chinn
  • Honoured friend of Chinn
  • Honoured Friend
  • Family Friend
  • Friend
  • Accepted Person
  • Creature
  • Enemy
  • Enemy of Split
  • Enemy of Chin


  • Argon Hero of the Federation
  • Argon Hero
  • Trusted Friend
  • Accepted Friend
  • Accepted Member
  • Neutral Trader
  • Suspected Foe


  • Friend of Xaar
  • Friend of Emperor
  • Friend of Priest King
  • Friend of Priest Duke
  • Friend of Priest
  • Friend
  • Enemy of Priest
  • Enemy of Priest Duke
  • Enemy of Priest King
  • Enemy of Emperor
  • Enemy of Xaar


  • Knight of The Kingdom
  • Kings Knight
  • Queens Knight
  • Trusted Friend
  • Special Friend
  • Friend
  • Non Friend
  • Antagonist
  • Adversary
  • Enemy

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