Foregone – Maps for All Secrets

This guide has a map of every level in the game with the indicated secrets.

All Secrets Locations with Maps

Foregone is linear and not a metroidvania, you can go back to earlier levels so you can’t miss anything (which is why I just put secrets on the map).

However, in order to access some of the hidden locations, you’ll need to have mastered the following talents from three later-game boss battles:

  1. Hera in Level 3 (Armory): you get the Air Dash.
  2. Demeter in Level 6 (Shrine): you get Ground Smash.
  3. Poseidon in Level 9 (Cavern): you get Wall Climb.

So you must at least twice complete stages 1 through 9 in order to unlock every secret. I indicated on the maps the necessary skill to unlock the secret. If there is no information, just dash into the hole. There are occasionally two secrets in one location. You must pick up an item or skill in a secret location in order to achieve secret.

Note: This awesome maps were created by Michal Rudowski.

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