Majesty Gold HD – Tips for Beating Legendary Heroes Without Wizard Tower Spam

How to Beat Legendary Heroes

  1. Strong economy – 3 marketplaces, 5 inns, 2 trading posts and 2-3 elven bungalows. (Don’t forget to take your lounges/gambling halls off the repair route and they’ll hopefully go down after the earthquakes)
  2. Outpost + embassy is essential to get enough heroes with the 1 hero limit on other guilds. I would also recommend save +/- loading after each hero is produced and that way you can reset if you get a less useful hero. Paladins, Solari, adepts and wizards are the keepers. Also gnomes can be useful because the automatic high level means they become gnome warriors with some survivability, they are also great in repairing the earthquake damage (and can even out-repair the final earthquake on your palace to extend the time as long as they stay alive/don’t get distracted by the monsters that spawn)
  3. A level 3 wizard guild in your main city so you can lightning storm some of the waves that spawn around your palace. I found this a more effective defence than trying to build lots of guard houses/dwarf towers. Also get the library so that if you do have a few high level wizards around they can use their AoE to clear out the monsters
  4. Sorcerer’s abode is also crucial. Change of heart if someone’s taking down a close barrow before you’re ready. Use dismiss on your fast/likely to flee heroes like elves or cultists – this will teleport them beyond the golems in the centre of the map (which usually force your explorers to turn back) and allow you to find the more distant barrows – which they may randomly stumble upon as they’re running back home. Once barrows are located the gate spell is a great way to destroy the more distant ones. Don’t bother with using earthquake on them as it takes multiple casts (with long recharge time) – unless you’re on the last barrow and there’s no heroes around to take it down.

You can also remember the locations of the barrows if you find them but aren’t successful and re-load the same save and set explore flags in the direction as they will be in the same place.

I’ve never found this quest enjoyable because of the time limit. I have no idea what the spells from the barrow artefacts do because you never relax playing this one and can’t follow your heroes around to see them use them.

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