WitchSpring R – How to Obtain Good Listener Achievement

Here is my list about what things that you should care about if you want to get Good Listener.

Good Listener Achievement Guide

I hope my list can help you guys to enjoy this great game.


2 Shipwreck quests

  • Give the “book” to Lyvia on the village.
  • Give the “Soldier List” to the guy that want the list, he was captured and he was prisoned on the village as well beside Lyvia location.

2 cutscene hidden island

You need eison for this you need explore the map from south island sea and find some treasure and there’s cutscene between treasure owner twice, the second scene triggered when you leave the area for a while and coming back later on.

All Alfredo cutscene

This also very important and missable around village make sure you check all the map while you grinding cause i am not sure what makes it triggered especially chapter 1-3 alfredo and kate was often appear.

Nightmare (Nightmare’s sword)

The exact location you can try to google it and you will find the exact location for all the important sword, if you want collect all the important and missable sword.

But “Nightmare Sword” is a must to get “Good Listener”.

Balt (talk to him after getting 3rd blessing)

When you talk to balt after you get 3rd blessing “Elysion Blessing”, just talk to him he will give you 1 item i think this also something you need to get for triggering Good Listener Achievement.

Melina’s Quest (Zirconia Dragon Egg)

Luna” Quest (Race with Wolf)

This side quest also missable so you need to prepare, the side quest triggered when you knocking Luna House, the side quest complete when you already gan get in Luna House and get Ice Staff from her.

Note: Remember to always use Lucca cause you will race with her wolf and win.

Reina’s Ruest (Faded Lightning Blade)

You need to talk with reina, and triggered side quest on Ch.6 or Ch.7 i forgot once 001,002,003 already appear on Death Lair you can talk to reina and do the side quest from her.

After that you also can use the altar to evolve the sword that you get after killing lightning dragon.

Kate (Re enter Finale battle Room)

After you defeat Kate the doll with appear on the floor, what you need is go back and re entry the room for triggering kate and alfredo convo (this one so easily missable if you in hurry to complete the game).

Special Tips for Missable Item

  • Book for the most powerful magic on the game.
  • You need to get this when you captured by Pope, the exact location you can try Google.
  • All Pet make sure you get all the pet that you can mind control.
  • Wiki have the list what pet that you can mind control, how to get em, and what is their favorite food.
  • I think this one also missable but i am not sure, after you have 3 small dragon and zirconia egg talk to woman(dragon research expert) on boar location so you can craft zirconia egg and get Zirconia Junior.
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