WitchSpring R – Stat Boosters Tips

How to Boost Your Stat

The best stat boosters comes from the boss monsters such as dragons. The soup recipe can be gotten outside Elysion Temple down a path. You need to awaken the soul sword to be able to get the materials.

And another thing, sharply monitoring when your combat level goes up is key to getting the most out of the stat boosts. In my second play through, my Mag originally like 500 or so. Went to 4k because I was careful when I leveled up.

And by hunting down dragons and whatnot.

Cheat (Not Literally)

You can go into the game files in your drive. And copy the stats onto a new file. This way, you can take advantage of the level ups. I wouldn’t recommend altering more than just stats or characters that actually joins your party. Anything more, and you can run into some issues.

I’m on my third play through, so I decided to copy over my stats. Put in Justice, and just having fun now.

You can also just adjust it to whatever you want, but eh. Personally, I don’t find it any fun to do that, unless it is stats I earned. In my case, I like to see numbers go up when I earned it.

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