WILD HEARTS – Black Screen Fix

How to Fix the Black Screen

As a possible update I just did a full reinstall after trying unsuccessfully to change the location of the game through Origin (I don’t recommend it) I just thought maybe another drive instead of my SSD might work temporarily however it forced me to locate the game and while it said verifying files it also showed a download queue so I think it was just downloading that “download” went to est. 0 hours, 0 mins, 0 secs at 96% and so at that point I moved it back to the C drive where I got the same problem of no error on launch but no game popped up and sometimes it was in the background again despite not launching.

After another reinstall I went to This PC>Documents>KoeiTecmo>WILD HEARTS and deleted SYSTEMSAVEDATA

Finally the game launches,.. however I’m not sure this is a fix as I am afraid to stop the game because someone in another thread mentioned reinstalling works until you quit again then it is back to not launching. Hope this helps someone avoid the headache I just went through.

TLDR: A reinstall and/or deleting SYSTEMSAVEDATA located in This PC>Documents>KoeiTecmo>WILD HEARTS might work. This file only deals with settings and not saves so it is safe to delete it and have the game remake one for you with default settings.

Update: I have closed out the game several times now so it seems to have resolved itself. If when running sfc /scannow you find corrupted files as I did earlier in the day after playing Wild Hearts and getting a blue screen of death on exit *(LOL I Kno WHAT? how is that possible?) You may need to reinstall the game and delete the SYSTEMSAVEDATA I mentioned in order to clear whatever error is preventing the game from working. I have not tried the game in Borderless mode yet and I’m not sure I will as I’m afraid it could be the original culprit for game running in background mode only and not launching.

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