Hogwarts Legacy – Depulso Puzzle Methods (Easy Way)

How to do Depulso Puzzles Easily

I found 2 cheese methods to these special depulso puzzles, one is basic knowledge, the other, well I tested it, and it’s hard to achieve but works just fine.

Basic Knowledge: 

You can jump an additional blocks length even diagonally, so you can solve puzzles quicker than intended this way.

Advanced Technique: 

You can actually ride a block while you’re on it, I was messing around a bit to see if I could hit it, from the rear when using Depulso, I’d assume using Accio could also work from the front, but you’d have to make sure there isn’t a ceiling/wall you can die to.

I tried hitting the block standing normally but the angle is too far out to hit, then I realized if you go invisible, your character will crouch, making your character able to hit the block, although inadequate, it takes several tries to maneuver without triggering the too close to ledge about to fall animation.

But when angled correctly and invisible/crouched, you can hit the sweet spot to trigger going forward riding the block in which ever way you prefer

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