Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Tips for Tactician Mode

Tactician Mode Tips

Team comp and how you build them make the biggest difference. Even if your team feels good up to now, the scaling is about to kick in real time and if you’re not investing in good places or have a good synergy between characters, you might find yourself struggling.

Congrats on getting through the tutorial though. The first act is basically one big one.

We can go into details with your team if you wish, you’ll have infinite free respecs on the ship once you’re out to change things up. I wouldn’t try to change your team if you don’t wish to, I’m fully willing to tweak your current setup to work better if that’s all you prefer. Just know that some builds don’t really agree with Tactician too much and others I’d recommend against (though they can still be very viable for completing the game, they’re just not ideal).

It isn’t a min/max thing necessarily, though knowing what min/max looks like is VERY helpful for understanding how to tweak your team to work best.

For example, were you aware that your Rogue should be stacking Warfare above all else? Same goes for your archer too. Warfare. You also want to avoid the weapon skills like Ranged or Two-Handed as well as the Defensive skills like Retribution or Leadership. They just don’t scale like you think they might and aren’t worth it unless you can stack them to max (the defensive ones specifically there).

Tanks are also something I recommend against simply because this game favors offense over defense. You want damage dealers that hurry to break armor and CC their targets fast. You need to tip the action economy in your favor as fast as possible since you’ll never be able to just trade blows. Damage evasion is better than mitigation, which is better than absorbing damage. This means you want to use Invisibility or evasion for avoiding damage primarily, resistance potions afterwards. The last thing you want to rely on is Healing and Armor Restoration spells. If you can not take damage, that’s the best, otherwise lower the damage being dealt. Just healing it after its taken is the worst method. Go down that route and you start to lose more and more AP to defense and the enemy wins the action economy and usually wins in the end.

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