WARNO – How to Beat The Dierburg Salient Scenario / Mission on Elite Level

The Dierburg Salient Scenario Tips

I won this operation on Elite difficulty multiple times, my advices would be:

  • Don’t use mortars.
  • Take care of your AA units, you only have a few.
  • Use ATGM units for killing tanks, AMX-30/AMX-13 for killing infantry/light vehicles.

Try to take down the 3 Russian SPG as soon as possible by sneaking a few AMX-13 and/or AMX-10RC behind ennemy lines immediatly after destroying the left SAM (1SPG on the left, one in the middle, 1 on the right, it’s always the same spot for every game). Once the SPG’s are destroyed, move those tanks in the forest near the left soviet span and try to spawnkill as much BMP’s, BRDM-2 and TO-55 as possible (use C to find the best spot for spawnkill). If you succeed, the left half of the map will be quiet for the rest of the game.

During the T-80 rush, try to take down the 2 strelas in priority, then you will use your Gazelles HOT/Jaguar ATGM to destroy the T-80 column.

Try to capture all 3 sectors quickly and then hold them as long as possible to make as much points as possible. Use half of those points to reinforce the sectors you’re holding, the other half for preparing defences in Dieburg city.

When you start loosing sectors, don’t try to strike back, and just mass as much tanks in the treeline left of Dieburg and a bit of infantry in the city for your last stand.

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