Survivalist: Invisible Strain – Survival Tips

This tip list will help you to survive in the Survivalist: Invisible Strain game.

Tips to Survive

  1. Try to take wind up radio on character creation. Or find/buy one in the game. This will enable you to check raiders/refugees/ roaming zombies mobs movements when you press F4. This key will display the map in game. Shake down squads will not appear though.
  2. Don’t expand too fast with community members. Each addition means more mouth to feed. Early game it is kinda hard to gather food for every one. I usually let 3 seasons go by before I start a settlement. One good idea is to build near/in between friendly comms . Make sure raiders/ zs mobs or looters will traverse through them before they get to your base.
  3. Try to upgrade your Construction skill apart from combat. You need 3 stars in said skill to build a well. 5 stars to construct cement to build concrete walls.
  4. Identify the spawn points for enemies/z mobs & refugees via the map. Then make a settlement that allows you to avoid enemies or near recruits.
  5. Don’t put your tent in 1 spot for more than 48 hrs. Then the game will deem it as your settlement & will start spamming looters to shake you down.
  6. Always look at the wind directions when hunting or trying to sneak past zs.
  7. Start planting in late spring. Sometime frost will exist in the early/mid spring.
  8. It takes 2 stars in cooking for you to skin a downed wabbit. Can’t cook them if unskinned.
  9. I always start at early winter. Kinda more challenging what with limited food & dropping body temp. Raiders die a lot too. Try this once you have grasped the basis of the game. Up to you.
  10. All else fails then press F8 to activate the cheat mode. Give your self what ever equipment you want / change skill/ get supply of food etc.
  11. When your comm members starts having injuries without any reason then an IS infected is lurking in your base. Or a visitor like Traders & their retinues who is infected is doing this. Apart from the test dialogue via sceptical/intel you can also question them about it. Be careful coz when they turned it will be a tough fight, Brain Scanners will only determine probable infection rate.
  12. Once you have build a wall set the gates to always close so no one can freely enter.
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