War Thunder – Tips and Tricks for Air Battles

Here you can find the tips that can help you to win in the air battles.

Air Battles Tips and Tricks

  • Climb altitude is stored energy. For getting into dogfights, try to make the fight happen at the altitude where your plane performs best and your enemies planes perform the worst. Also check your six and look for those small dots all around you.
  • Altitude = speed = energy. They transfer into one another. If there’s a guy above and faster than you, he has the advantage over you. If you’re above and slower than someone, you can trade alt into speed and use your energy to keep up with him. Watch your enemy but also be aware of yourself. Your plane behaves differently at different speeds. Learn what speeds you turn tighter or what you can run away from or catch up to.
  • When you “lock” on to a plane (mouse wheel click) you can then press the Shift key to track them if they are out of your sight. Great for using during dog fights.
  • C key is default for a quick look behind you.
  • You can also adjust your weapon convergence. I don’t recall what mine is set at, but I set it out pretty far, further than when you start to receive the tracking circle where you should be aiming at.
  • Head on fights, throw a burst or two above their nose, then cut away. Most players wait till they are in close range or just keep flying straight and spraying.
  • Try to learn some basic maneuvers and practice with them and study the strengths and weaknesses of yours and the enemies planes.
  • Try to read the situation and plan ahead accordingly – an enemy flying in the direction of a teammate for example is a good target since he’s distracted. And keep an eye on the minimap.
  • Map WASDQE to pitch/roll/yaw. Put freelook on a mouse button so you can look around while controlling the plane.
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