No More Room in Hell – Useful Tips

Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • You are infected if you see veins growing around the border of your screen, and your vision is growing faint.
  • You are bleeding if your character is grunting and you see blood on your screen.
  • You are at low health if your screen starts to lose color.
  • If you find them, you can use pills to stem off infection for a few minutes.
  • If you are bleeding you can find bandages to stop it.
  • If you are at low health, you can use first aid kits to heal yourself.
  • Kill Shamblers by charging your melee weapon for a few seconds. Don’t overcharge, you’ll lose too much stamina. Every melee weapon has a specific timing.
  • When starting out, always shove zombies back with the shove key after attacking via melee. You’ll avoid any incoming damage.
  • Memorize which ammo type corresponds to each firearm.
  • Don’t hoard ammo that you can’t use. Share it with a teammate with a compatible firearm.
  • Conserve your ammo. Firearms should be used in emergencies like a group of Runners or a horde of Shamblers blocking your path.
  • Runners or Zombie Children around? Stay on the move.
  • Objective maps have random variations. Memorize them so you can survive more consistently.
  • Avoid killing too many zombies when playing objective maps unless you have to. Focus on completing the objectives.
  • Jumping prevents zombies from grabbing you. Use this to dodge through zombie hordes.
  • If you are infected, you have around 2 minutes until you turn into a walking corpse!
  • Pills remove infection symptoms and delay them for around 3 minutes.
  • Use your Pills when it’s getting hard to see. You’ll be buying yourself more time.
  • If you are in a dangerous situation while infected, take your Pills before your vision begins blurring.
  • Medkits restore one third of your total health points and they stop your bleeding.
  • Don’t use medkits if you are close to max health unless there’s plenty to spare.
  • Use Gene Therapy syringes only when infected. If you use them before and you die they will go to waste.
  • The lower your health is, the higher the chance of infection per bite will be.
  • You can only get infected by getting grabbed and bitten.
  • Bandages will restore one sixth of your total health points and will stop your bleeding. You can only use them while bleeding.
  • Bleeding slowly reduces your health, prevents you from sprinting and forces you to use more stamina for every action.
  • You can commit suicide with a firearm when infected to prevent the reanimation of your corpse.
  • While infected you can receive damage from teammates even if friendly fire is off.
  • If you are infected and don’t trust your teammates, don’t ask for medical supplies. Scavenge and find them yourself!
  • Health Stations will stop your bleeding if you heal up to full health.
  • Standing still will regenerate your stamina faster. Crouching while moving will do the same to a smaller degree. The effects don’t stack.
  • Attacking, shoving, jumping or sprinting will drain your stamina.
  • When low on stamina you are extremely vulnerable. You can’t perform any defensive actions.
  • When low on stamina, you’ll hear your character panting desperately.
  • When low on stamina, stop sprinting. Your movement speed will be slower than walking in that state.
  • Shoot a flare into the sky when playing a survival map to get an additional supply drop (once per round).
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