War Thunder – A6M Zero Guide

The A6M Zero works well in its current BR. I’ve played it in both Arcade, Realistic and Simulator. If your enemy won’t turn fight with you then obviously they know how to fly their plane efficiently as possible.

How to Use A6M Zero

Let’s get on with these facts about the Zero:

  • Unarmored but extremely maneuverable.
  • Excellent diving speed.
  • contains 20mm cannon just like their axis counterparts.
  • It has wing mounted armament which meant bad at heading on.

Never head on at all cost knowing you’re fully unarmored at the trade of its manoeuvrability. No planes are perfect, each to their own having their weakness. Know what you’re good at and know what you’re bad at.

I highly suggest using the Zero like an ENERGY FIGHTER. It sounds dumb but since your opponent won’t like to turnfight with you then BnZ with them or Energy Fight. Everytime you turn you obviously loose speed so convert everything to high speed energy for the meantime. When its time to maneuver them out, bleed your speed only enough to maneuver the zero where you want it to be.

Saburō Sakai uses the 7mm rounds first before firing the 20mm. Using 7mm as your ranging method then once target is being hit then fire all the 20mm away. This method works in War Thunder too.

You don’t fire them together unless its a heavily armored target like a bomber such as a B-17. If you get set on fire by those freaks, don’t hesitate to ram them and drag them to hell with you.

Yes, you can easily get set on fire but you are also capable of putting away the fire at highspeeds where too much air can deprive the fire away and put it off. Takes a lot of skill to do that but I’ve done it many times. If its an ENGINE FIRE, Press “i” key and dive down. If its a fuel fire located by the wings, dive down and do barrel roll and hope to god its pulled out. If you’re going to die anyway, use everything you have before its too late.

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