Allods Online – Starter Tips

This is a great game that is really worth playing, so long as you are on a P2P server. Some quick info for newbies. All the following are for Allods EU.

Tips for Starters

There’s about 300 or so people playing in the P2P server per week, and about 130+ per day. No idea about the F2P server.

Good classes to pick are: Priest (best healer), Warden (best single-target DPS), Demonologist or Bard (Best AoE DPS), Warrior (best tank). Other notable mentions: Engineer (best support), Paladin (great single-target DPS and great tank), Psi (great burst DPS). Scout is actually a good tank. The only exception is Mage, which is extremely fumbly to play.

Play on the P2P server. There is no cash-shop, no Pay-2-Win etc. everything can be bought for Gold and EXP is higher, whole game is open and no need to “feed” mounts etc. It’s about €4 a month if you buy €25 worth of crystals and use them all for 6 months of membership.

League or Empire? Currently there’s about 10% more people playing on League. Though this really doesn’t mean much. The most important thing is to pick a class that you like. I’ve found the League starting areas a bit more “fun” to be in. Though after level 20 it really doesn’t matter anymore. However, personally I think Empire races and skins look way cooler.

Performance of the game is very good. The most important thing is that the game is SMOOTH. You can play it at 60fps no problem on an old GTX 980, or 1050 or whatever. After like a GTX 1080, you get diminishing returns. I have a 4090 and I can’t get much higher than 140fps. High FPS doesn’t matter in this game as there is generally 1 second GCD.

The game will likely never shut down. It’s already 10 years old.

For builds, talents and gems, you can use the calculator here for builds.

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The game is split really nicely between 50% PVE and 50% PVP. You don’t have to PvP. Many years ago it was on automatically after starting zones but that is gone. There are some very high level end-game places which PvP is always on. Yet you don’t have to worry about gankers thanks to low population. 95% of all PvP happens in arenas or groups.

Overall: In terms of gameplay, it’s a chill game with tons to do and absolutely no stress to “catch-up” etc. It’s quite low grind on the P2P server, populated enough to find people to talk to and do things with. A mixture between WoW and Guild-Wars 2. Quests are easy to follow, the story is actually very good and to be honest the game really should have way more players but sadly the F2P server cash-shop gives the game a bad name.

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