Wanderer – First Lightbulb Puzzle Guide

How to Solve the First Lightbulb Puzzle

Step-by-step instructions on how to proceed this puzzle:

There are just a few rules:

  • Only bulbs left, right, below or above the numbers count, not diagonal.
  • A lit bulb will turn all bulbs to the left, right, up or down yellow, until the end of the line or something in the way.
  • Two lit bulbs in the same line, without an interruption between them, is not allowed. This will turn one of the bulbs red.
  • It IS possible to turn a bulb yellow from more than one line.
  • At the end all numbers must be green and all bulbs either white or yellow.
  • Sometimes it helps to start from scratch – turn all bulbs off.

For this pattern, I would start with the left “3” and tick the bulb above, below and right of it, as in your screenshot.

Then I would lit the two dark bulbs around the top-left “2”, as in your screenshot.

As for the top right side: I would lit above, right and below the “3”, this should make “2” and “3” green.
I would tick on the bulb above the “1”.

And finally, as fillers, the bulbs in the lower right corner and below the left-lower black field.

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