Vigor – Free Codes (Jackets & Backpacks)

This guide is for those who want to add new items to their closet in the game, or for those who want to get faster Fashion Guru achievement.

Fashion Guru Achievement

  • Obtain 20 character customizations.

Note: Register for each to receive free in-game items. They previously ran out of codes, but it appears that they have already refilled them. Additionally, you must register at

Follow each link and claim your code!

Where to Redeem Codes?

After receiving your code from the links above or via email:

Go to the Xbox Store and claim your new customization:



  1. If you don’t spend any gold coins along the way, you can save them up from the beginning to purchase the battle pass; otherwise, you’ll need to level up to 37 to have enough gold coins to purchase the current battle pass. Which gives a tun of customization!

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