Manor Lords – How to Assign Villagers to Jobs

Villager Assignment Tips

You have at top leeft Unassigned families and Assigned families (total population is not important at begining).

Like at start you only have 5 Families. That means you only can have 5 Assigned jobs. If you dont have any Unassigned Families. Well then you need to wait for new families to come in. Solang you need to Assigned and Reassigned JOBs in and out HOW you need them.

For example You need logs only if you wanna build. So you dont need a Assigned family to LOGcamp if you already build all you want and you just waiting. Or Forager Hut, if its no Berries there becaus its winter you dont need it aswell. So you need to manage that a littlebit until you have enough families to cover everything.


  • And when you click on Building you have A yellow man icon called IDLE laboures. That means for example if you assigned a family to hunting and they reach the max amount of hunting you set in hunting camp , they will go to other building with IDLE laboures ENABLED and do the work there. So if you need like Firewood always come in you might let that option at woodcuter lodge always be activated.
  • If you wanna build something dont forget to have atleast 1 unsassigned family.
  • Dont forget to assigned the hitching post , so a cow will help bring heavy things like logs around the city.

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  1. You can only assign a family to a job. So if they have 3 members they will all do various parts of the same task I think. Which is a problem when trying to get more than 5 jobs going at once since you dont have anyone spare to go onto them. I’m not really sure how to go forward from here other than stopping jobs so that another job can be done but id rather have them both going at the same time. Did you figure anything new out?

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