Wartales – Full Detailed Maps (Secrets, Knowledge Books, Treasures, Bosses, POI)

The four first regions (Tiltren, Vertruse, Arthes, and Ludern) on a 100% map guide, including Mount Altis. Ddemonstrating free border crossing methods and labeling knowledge books, hidden treasures, bosses, underworld agents, and camp gear.

Detailed Maps

Note: This awesome maps were created by Usikava.

Map Legend

  • Border crossing require using a piton.
  • Iron veins that do not respawn marked with X.
  • All resources have respawn times.
  • Fishing spots are seen only when you get near them.
  • Black Market Agents become available at level 4 of “Crime and Chaos” path.

Tiltren County

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Mount Altis

Vertruse Province

County of Arthes

Ludern Region

Grinmeer Province

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