V Rising – Sun Mechanic Guide

Guide to Sun Mechanic (Explanation and Protect)

It’s easy to get into the mindset that during the day you need to hide in your base, but doing that causes the problem of making it feel like forced downtime.

The reality is more the opposite, day time is the best time to go travel around and gather resources (just don’t clear cut every tree you see in an area as that removes shadows you need).

The timer before you start taking damage is very generous and there are very few locations in the starting forest area with natural gaps between shadows large enough to cause issues.

About the only thing you may want to avoid during the day is fighting currently strong to you bosses (killing easier ones shouldn’t be a problem, though be prepared for them to destroy all nearby trees/stones when they die).

Day time is only 1/3 of the day cycle, if you are getting ready to kill the next boss and have a good distance to run leaving in the morning or afternoon and traveling during the day is ideal so you can have most of the night to fight them.

There are ways to deal with it. Make mist generators till you get a roof. Do all your crafting and house keeping during the day. Craft armor sets that give you Sunlight protection.

It’s one of the most thematic aspects to the game and it creates emergent gameplay. Forces you carefully plan your outings and raids.

You can run around in wolf form, until you get to where you need to be then farm within the tree shadows. It is rough at first, and you have to time things right.

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