Underrail – Tips to Beat Pulverisor in Arena

How to Beat Pulverisor in Arena

  • Since he’s a melee character and you’re ranged, the best thing to do is restrict his mobility: After all, he can’t hammer you to death if he can’t get close.
  • You have many options for this, too; caltrops (especially poisoned ones), ice psionics, throwing nets, kneecap shot feat, acid blob pistols, etc. Opening up with an EMP grenade is great, keep doing that; but instead of using the magnesium grenade as a pure damage dealer I would instead throw it between you to place a patch of fire on the ground that he has to waste MP stepping around (though you should still try to catch him the initial blast if you can, because him catching fire and panicking will make him run away from and just put even more distance between you both).
  • This works even better if you cover one of the bridges in the middle in fire: If he’s far enough away from you at the start of his turn, he’ll move go along the other bridge instead of walking through the flames, all the while you’ll be able to take shots at him.
  • Things that stun and things that root enemies to the ground (nets and acid blobs) will also reduce his fairly high evasion to 0%, meaning you will always have a 95% chance to hit him before taking target distance into account.
  • Without his shield he’s not terribly tanky, so it’s more a matter of surviving his high-damage hammer strikes which the above tactics will help you with.
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