Ultimate Fishing Simulator – Taupo Lake Guide (Fish Locations)

Here you can find few tips that will help you to catch some fishes on the Taupo Lake.

Taupo Lake Fishing


  • Location: near spot #5, out on open water.
  • Hook and bait: size #12, Semolina ball.


  • Location: spot #7 after started walking towards spot #5.
  • Hook and bait: size #12, Semolina ball.

Giant Kokopu

  • Location: common in many places.
  • Hook and bait: size #12, earthworms, dough balls.

Brown Bullhead

  • Location: left or west of Spot #7 in the shallow area where it looks like no fish would ever be.
  • Hook and bait: size #12, Semolina ball.


  • Location: spot #3 north on the big rock.
  • Hook and bait: size #12, red worms.

Important note: There might be more places to catch any fish and you can use another baits or hook sizes.

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